About the app


Through this app, Museum Sønderjylland – Sønderborg Castle presents a selection of the places where the First World War, 1914-1918,  has left its mark on the landscape of Southern Jutland.

At the time of the war, Southern Jutland was part of Germany, and although Denmark as such was neutral, Southern Jutland and its population became directly involved in the war. It was not an actual theatre of war, but even so the war left its mark. Some 35,000 men from Southern Jutland were called up to serve in the German armed forces, thousands of soldiers and prisoners of war came to the area, and major military installations were erected all over it.

In this way, the war has left many traces. Every single parish in southern Jutland has a memorial to the fallen; in many graveyards we find the graves of POWs or soldiers; and there are still considerable remains of the military installations erected at the time.